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What is SWE/M?
Who are we?
Why are we here?
What is SWE/M?

SWE/M is an acronym for Star Worm Equestrian / Mod. Everything and anything developed by the Star Worm Equestrian team is encompassed under that title.

Our goal is to create mods that offer the best in-game experience possible, the perfect blend of realism with convenience for all game types, inclusive of as much diversity amongst equestrianism as can be achieved in Minecraft, and always with quality at it's core. Creating this is a tall order in even minimal terms, and SWEM overhauled horses from the ground up. To achieve such loft goals, our development is split up into phases and segments.


We would love for you to join us on that journey, as we make must-have mods for every type of player; Equestrians, Adventurers, Explorers, Builders, Survivalists, Chillaxers and all the rest!

Who are we?

Star Worm Equestrian at its core is a group of passionate and dedicated volunteers. Our staff come from all over the world; US, Canada, Britain, Brazil, Denmark, Australia and bring a wealth of cultures, skills and interests together in one place. We are connected through our shared love of 'game dev' and the wonderful community that has grown together through Discord. 

Though we will only highlight a few core members of our leadership and senior staff team here, it cannot be emphasized enough how much each and every member of staff brings to the team - those currently with us, those who are around seasonally (real life commitments) as well as those who have moved on to pursue other goals outside of SWEM. You can get to know these staff better in our Discord, or see the roles they fulfil on the SWEM Wiki!


Check back in for our staff spotlight to learn more about our higher staff members!

Why are we here?

"SWEM started because of a stubborn, green, beautiful horse named Lucy. When family troubles meant I couldn't afford to be with her anymore, all of my love had to go somewhere. I started pouring it into work or games with horses. After crying to my roommate a few too many times about needing to reset the backups because 'Lucy' was blown up by a creeper for the 10th time, I decided to make a mod to make destriers out of Minecraft horses. I wanted to upgrade their model, animations, and enchant their armor. I did some research to see if other people have made a horse mod or if others would even want the mod I wanted to make. Turns out that there were thousands of people begging for a full-fledged, updated horse mod. After the initial additions - I started adding little things to the list like saddles, saddle/bridle racks, feeders, separators, stall doors, plans for expansions, a dimension, and a clean community on top of all that, etc. Soon the mod turned into a crusade. Here we are now, 2 years later with a release date and name to live up to. Star Worm Equestrian Mod."

---AlaharranHonor (Owner)

Mission & Values

For Horses. For Equestrians. For Lucy.


Values are the underpinning themes for everything we do; why we do it, how it is done and what should we do above what we have to do as a bare-minimum. 


  • With love for the equine

  • For all ages and all disciplines

  • Necessary and core function for future


  • Make everything with love. If you cannot, come back later or find someone who can.

  • Given consideration to details that the end-user will see when it works and if it breaks.

  • Everything should make sense, even details the player may not see or even think of. We aim to think critically and be better.

Projects (Acronyms)

The Star Worm team frequently refers to both released and future projects in the SWE/M collective by a several recognisable acronyms:

SWE/M - Star Worm Equestrian Mods (All projects)

SWEM - Star Worm Equestrian Mod

SWE - Star Worm Equestrian Server 

SWLVM - Star Worm Livestock Mod

SWLM - Star Worm Lighting Mod

SWDM - Star Worm Decor Mod

Learn more about these projects (both in-development or planned) in our Mods section! 

Mission & Values
Projects (Acronyms)
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