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Server Rules & Hierarchy
Join Our Community

We are committed to forging a friendly, supportive and safe corner of the Minecraft Equestrian community, and the easiest way to get involved is to join us on our Discord.

Alongside our active staff and development team, there are 14,000+ other like-minded users coming together to celebrate everything equestrian! 

Check out our other socials like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram for a (doctor-recommended) regular fix of horse knees. We routinely share official and community, screenshots, sneak peaks, modpack streams and development progress.

Rules & Hierarchy


The following rules apply across all SWEM servers and platforms:

1. Don't be mean-spirited but don't be too delicate either.
2. Be respectful of staff, users, and the community as a whole.
3. If you can be around horses in real life - its nice to share, but don't gloat and exclude.
4. Animal education is specific to every animal and carer, and should be discussed with a professional if relevant to animal welfare.
5. Animal abuse should be reported immediately to an Commander (Admin).
6. We are STRICTLY an SFW (clean and safe for underage users) server.
--- Discord is for users 13+ and Minecraft is 7+.
7. No suggestive or mature themes, text, images, and/or 'strong' swears.
8. We do not and will never allow cracked clients and/or stolen software.
9. Please avoid sensitive and/or controversial topics. SWEM is not the place to have those discussions/debates, especially if in a negative light.
---Mental health issues, sexuality, race, politics and religion.
10. No advertisement unless checked and approved by an Admin.

Moderation Notice
1. Moderation is implemented in an Ask, Tell, Command system.
2. Intentional circumvention of the rules will be treated the same as a rule violation.
3. Deceptive behavior to conceal misconduct will amplify response to a rule violation. 


SWE/M, across all platforms and servers, has a hierarchy of members that reflects their rank and role within the community. All users are subject to moderation by Cavalier+.

Queen - Owner (Hannah)

General - Head Admin

Commander - Admin

Cavalier - Moderator

Stablehand - Staff

Equestrian - VIP Donators

Barn Cat - Community Helper

Horse People - Users


Contact Us

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved with information on our website, wiki or Discord FAQs, you can contact us by posting in a relevant help section of our Discord, or opening a support ticket in our Ticketing Server.


General Enquiries

Get support or advice on how and where to resolve an issue.


Discuss any action taken by the moderation team, such a mutes or bans. 

- Appeals only afford users a review of the decision.
- If no additional evidence is given, the review will consider whatever is available.

- All appeal processed must be handled via the open ticket.


Report Users / Conduct

Report inappropriate conduct by community users. This could include:

- Theft or plagiarism

- Unsolicited messaging (i.e. advertising) or inappropriate messaging
- Violating or intentionally circumventing community rules

You will be asked to provide evidence of any claims against another user.


Report Staff

To report Stablehand(s) please submit a Report User ticket. For Cavalier(s) and up, please directly message a rank senior to them. To view our roles and hierarchy, see above.


How To Help

SWEM is made possible by a team of passionate volunteers who contribute a great deal of skill and experience to their individual role(s). Every staff member must hold duties suitable to their skillset within the following departments:

Programming (Development) ★

System Administration ★

Admin. Assistance (Common Work)

---Critical Planning

---Data Processing

---Busy Work

---Community Support

---NPC & Questing


---Grunt Building

---Builder/Decorator ★

---Terraforming ★


---Texture Art

---Model Art

Marketing (Content Editing)

Animation ★

We are currently seeking specialist skillsets (★) to join our team! You can find the application and instructions on submitting your application under the How To Help section of our Discord.


Our wonderful Discord community has created many wonderful pieces of fanart to SWEM - especially our iconic 'mascots' Sweetboi and Lucy. Enjoy a slideshow of all fanart up to release!

Credits to [Name]
Credits to [Name]

Join us on Discord to see more or submit your own fanart!

How To Help
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