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Bug Reports
Bug Reports

Identifying Bugs

A bug is is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. This simplified means that if you see an error in the textures of doors or horses or tack etc, or an item doesn't place correctly, or fences aren't joining correctly, or your game crashes when you place something - those are all bugs; something which isn't functioning as it should.

Before You Report

  1. Do you have enough information to report a bug - can it be replicated or shown?

  2. Do you have any screenshots, logs (including crash logs) to provide?

  3. Does the bug persist in a world with only the core mod requirements installed?

  4. Has the issue already been reported by another user? 

       ---You can provide further information to any open bug reports.

How To Report

  1. ​Visit our GitHub. You may need to make an account to submit a report!

  2. Go to 'Issues' on the top menu bar and check if your issue has been reported.

  3. If it has not, open a 'New Issue' using a green button on the top right corner.

  4. Include one issue per report. If you have multiple issues, report them individually.

  5. Fill in the template, provide all the evidence requested and submit your report.

Important Notes

  • Bug fixes will not be instant and can only be resolved if they can be replicated.

  • Duplicates, suggestions and non-relevant compatibility issues will be closed. 

  • All issues are to be submitted and overseen on GitHub, not Discord.

  • SWEM 1.16.5 will see critical fixes ONLY ahead of the 1.18.2 port.

Star Worm Lighting Mod (SWLM)

SWLM offers a creative alternative to excessive torches and lanterns for lighting your builds. Find star worm cobble around your world and use it to make star worm goop, a fantastically magical solution to all your lighting woes. Combine the star worm goop with almost any vanilla block and you will get a SW version with no visual texture difference. Once placed, these blocks light the surrounding area to the same level as glowstone and can be incorporated seamlessly into your builds.

Minecraft Version(s)

1.12.2, 1.16.5




1.16.5: SWDM and SWEM compatibility for select modded blocks. 

Star Worm Decor Mod (SWDM)

SWDM is a builder's dream - literally. The mod started as a small side project to expand the missing variations of vanilla blocks and give staff, beta testers, and players what they wanted; matching stairs, slabs, walls, pressure plates, and buttons. The project grew steadily with new 16 color block types, trapdoor variants, ladders, mirrors, and much more planned in the future!


Minecraft Version(s)





1.16.5: SWLM (Glow versions of SWDM blocks)

Star Worm Equestrian Mod (SWEM) 

SWEM​ V1: Adventure Release

Focused on upgrading everything horse for survival mode. Horses are useful again!

  • Upgraded Horse model - more realistic anatomy and size

  • Tack options for english, western and adventure disciplines, plus extras!

  • Many horse and player animations for gaits, swimming, jumps, idles and refusals

  • Over 100 coats, including rare and special varieties to find

  • Skill leveling - Jump, Speed, Affinity and Health

  • Stable care and needs - Hunger, thirst, pee and poop

  • Training equipment and equestrian decor

Minecraft Version(s)



Geckolib 3.0.92+

Player Animator 0.3.5+1.16.5+


Forge 36.2.34+


3-4GB allocated RAM

Star Worm Equestrian Mod (SWEM)

SWEM V2: English/Western Release

Focused on fluffing equestrian servers with all those pleasantries and upgrades. 

  • Discipline specific tack, items, equipment, rider, animations and functions

  • Reproduction; genders, genetics, 5000+ possible coat combinations, pregnancy, genetic skill enhancements.

  • 5 models: Pony, Light/Sporty, Medium, Light Draft, Heavy Draft

  • Illnesses and injuries, treatment and management

  • Wild herds and enhanced AI (behaviors)

  • Personalities and traits

  • Cosmetics for tack, accessories, river, barns and more!


All features are subject to change or review.

Star Worm Equestrian Mod (SWEM)

SWEM V3: Alight Release.


Magic, magic everywhere! SWEM's final and biggest planned release will bring a magical twist to adventure.

  • A pre-built dimension, steeped in lore and layers of exploration

  • New mobs and mythical equine species

  • All kinds of new blocks, decor, items and features.

We'll be bringing true adventure back, but only if you stray too far into the dark...


All features are subject to change or review.

SWEM Modpacks


Check back in for our favorite and custom Modpacks featuring SWEM!

Other Star Worm Projects

Star Worm Livestock Mod (SWLVM)

A livestock and agricultural update to match SWEM style, focused on greater realism and support of Western disciplines in particular. More models, animations, functions for livestock like Cows, Sheep, Donkeys and some of our favorite (working!) pets. 


All features are subject to change or review.

Star Worm Realistic Roleplay Mod (TBC)

Who wants to actually be able to live and play as a horse? We do, and in future we would love to tell you more on our hopes and plans for this unconfirmed project.


All features are subject to change or review.

SWEM Modpacks
Other SW Projects
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