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Wiki FAQ
Installing Mods

Our Wiki is the go-to source for information on how to use the SWEM mod. It includes entries on riding mechanics, items and a comprehensive showcase of all our in-game horse coats. Throughout development, we will be constantly adding to and improving the wiki. 

If we have missed something that would be useful for new and existing users to know about the mod, or if you find any outdated information, feel free to let us know in our Discord suggestions channel!

Wiki FAQ

Many users have similar questions regarding features of the mod, so here is a quick FAQ with links to the wiki where relevant. If this does not answer your question, check out the wiki search function to see if your answer is provided!

How do SWEM horses work?

You can learn more on spawning, taming, breeding, tacking, and riding SWEM horses here.

How do I change my horse's coat?

You can use lapis or redstone on a tamed horse to cycle through the coats.

To get rare or special coats, you will have to uncover their secrets first!

How do I train my horse's skills?

You train speed by riding it, jump by jumping, and affinity by riding, grooming, and giving treats. Health can only be increased via potions or commands until a better food system is implemented.

How do I use the armor types and can my horse fly?

You need to be using full Adventure Tack to equip Armor. The version at V1 release will not include Flight - this will be implemented later.

How do I make jumps?

You'll need a Measurement Tool, using the method explained here.

Will SWEM be on Aternos so I can host a free MP server?

Creators cannot upload mods to Aternos, instead Aternos have to approve and add it. Mod acceptance is based on downloads and popular request - go recommend it here!

Installing Mods

Using Java Mods may seem scary or complicated the first time, or even to those who have previously played modded Minecraft, but the process can be a simple one and we are here to make it easier with some helpful guides and tutorials!

Before You Start...

It's important to note that mods are not the same as texture packs. Minecraft needs something to tell it to access and use all the extra goodness that mods provide - this is done through a modding API. There are several available, SWEM requires Forge. You can use Forge in several ways:

For first-time modders, we encourage the use of a mod launcher. 

  • Quick and easy modpack setup for your MC and Forge version

  • Create and maintain several modpacks for multiple MC versions

  • Everything in one place; adding/removing mods, updating etc

Creating A Modded Installation

Once you have installed and setup your preferred mod launcher or installation, you can create a new modded installation. This is covered in detail on our Wiki for the three most common methods of using mods.

Common Issues

Mods are not loading

If Minecraft loads without issues but the mod is not in game, check:

  • The mods are directly in your mod folder (not sub folders)

  • You are loading it as a mod (see above) and not a texture pack!

  • The mod files are are .jar files only - you should not unzip jar files

  • You are running a forge installation

Minecraft says I am missing mods/wrong versions

You will need to find and download the mod and version it recommends.

  • Make sure to remove any incorrect versions or duplicates!

Minecraft says my forge version is wrong

You will need to change your forge version to use the recommended or higher

  • CurseForge: Profile Option > Current Modloader Version > [Select Version]

  • MultiMC: Right Click > Edit Instance > Install Forge > [Select Version]

Minecraft keeps crashing

Minecraft can crash for many reasons, not all can be covered briefly.

  • [Common] Minecraft does not have enough RAM (memory) allocated.

  • The only reliable way to determine cause of a crash is to look at the crash log.

Minecraft has low FPS (laggy)

Minecraft can lag for many reasons, including your PC, allocated RAM and mods.

PC Check

  • SWEM is very 'potato-friendly', but modded Minecraft can be demanding.

  • If you do not have a gaming PC with decent specs, keep mods to a minimum.

  • Do not use shaders, avoid high-detail texture packs.

  • Lower your in-game graphics setting, especially render distance if high.

  • Do not allocate more RAM than you have OR need - your PC needs some too!

Check & Allocate RAM

  • Modded Minecraft needs 3-4GB (3-4000Mb) RAM for small-medium modpacks.

  • CurseForge: Settings > Game Specific > Minecraft > Java Settings

  • MultiMC: Settings > Java > Memory (Set min/max values)

  • Vanilla Launcher: Installations > [Select version] > Edit > More Options

Adjust only -Xmx#G with the number of GB required. Example (below) has 4GB.

Internet Connection

  • If you are playing on a server and experience lag, it could be your internet.

  • To check your connection, press Tab - low bars indicated poor connection.

Sometimes servers themselves are the cause of lag if:

  • There is not enough RAM (cheaper or free servers) to host all mods/players

  • The server has mods known to increase lag or issues

  • There are many players online, particularly when exploring (loading chunks)

  • Too many entities being loaded in a region (client +/- server side)

Mods do not display as Jar files

Sometimes mods do not display correctly and that will not allow you to use them.

  • ZIP files need to be extracted if they contain mods (excluding TXP or shaders)

  • Mods displaying as WinRAR files will require you to disable JAR inclusion in your WinRAR settings. You will also need to tell mods to use Java. If you do not have Java, you will need to download it.

Using mods and Optifine

You can do so easily by placing the optifine .jar file in your mods folder. Make sure to download the correct version for the version of Minecraft you are using!

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Common Issues
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